Use data to better connect with your customers

As we become more connected, companies collect more data. Data is the key to understanding your customers. But can you harness the power of that data, to unlock crucial insight, inform strategy and improve your bottom line?

That’s where Relativity comes in.

We can help you to overcome the frustration of data silos and poor, or outdated, data. Customer strategies and marketing campaigns can be planned based on real insight into your customer’s preferences and buying behaviour.

Through a mix of data management, technology and analysis, we can help you to identify customer groups and target them accordingly. So, you can:

  • Maximise knowledge and value from your data
  • Know how best to reach and engage with your audience
  • Deliver multi-channel campaigns simply and effectively
  • Integrate data sources and systems
  • Create efficiencies and cost savings

The Relativity team is highly experienced in working with companies to increase customer acquisition, deepen relationships and drive commercial growth.

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Nicki Mackin

Nicki Mackin

Co-founder & Managing Director

Nicki’s vision for Relativity was to bring together the very best expertise to keep clients ahead in a rapidly changing marketing environment. Her knowledge, ideas and commitment have been helping to do that ever since. Having run a number of leading businesses involved in customer insight and direct marketing, Nicki has an exceptional understanding of how to use data, systems and cross-media campaigns to deliver outstanding commercial results. She sets the highest standards and inspires the same from everyone at Relativity.  

Mark Fiksen

Mark Fiksen

Co-founder & Technical Director

The ability to develop, integrate and manage data and delivery solutions is fundamental to successful marketing. Mark has the expertise to do that better than anyone else. He has brought his experience as a specialist developer and problem solver in a range of senior management roles to give Relativity a unique approach. Relativity’s works is at the forefront of new technologies, constantly finding new and better ways for clients to exploit their opportunities and overcome barriers.  

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