Data profiling & management

Businesses have more data than ever before, of different types and from varying sources. But the real challenge is to know how best to analyse and extract the most relevant knowledge. And then to organise and manage the data to facilitate the most effective marketing.

We’ll use the smartest, most intelligent approach to bring your data to life and to deliver the maximum value.


Direct mail

Customer’s responsiveness depends on their feeling of relevance. So it’s vital to plan how to align the messaging, media channels and timings with the attitudes of your targets. We’ll work with you to find the very best strategy for your business, bringing new ideas and making you aware of the most advanced options – not just following standard routes.

And in doing so, we’ll also make the best use of your budgets and resources.



Each and every campaign should have clear objectives and measures of success, be rigorously planned and executed, exploiting the latest techniques and technology. We’ll provide the most advanced cross-media expertise to design personalised campaigns that achieve the maximum impact. We’ll work alongside your in-house team to implement the campaigns – or we can do this for you.

We’ll be there for you throughout the process and with you to assess the results using the most sophisticated analysis and reporting systems.



Systems & integration

The many different streams of data owned by businesses are usually accompanied by many different systems – resulting in complexity, inefficiency and lack of opportunities. We can help you overcome these problems. Our unrivalled technical expertise can bring together all aspects of systems and integration and streamline your ways of working.

We can also build bespoke and innovative systems for you to manage, deliver and assess your marketing, customer relationships and partner support activities – more intelligently and more cost effectively.


Campaign analysis

Everything we do is based on analysis and how to best review, extract and use the data. Our measurement tools cover customer, product, campaign and channel metrics at a customer level. Ongoing analysis and real-time dashboard reporting will keep you agile so you can continue to optimise your strategy.

Having the metrics at your fingertips will aid business planning, making ROI analysis swift and accurate and allowing you to fine-tune as you go.

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